About michaelcasher.com


michaelcasher.com, or "Planet Mike", is the "little sister site" of Science Fiction for Thinkers.com, the official website of science fiction author Michael Casher. This extended website is made possible by linking the michaelcasher.com domain to Michael Casher's about.me profile (Michael did that in April 2011) and linking that profile to the michaelcasherdot.webnode.com website at Webnode.com (he did that in September 2012). The result is a multi-page michaelcasher.com, instead of just a single-page "little sister site". That's right, an "extended Web family", if you will. Hey, who says an "an old indie dawg" can't teach himself some new tricks?


You reach the main page of michaelcasher.com (on about.me) by just going to: