My Mother's 83rd Birthday: Beyond Belief

02/14/2014 23:40

I may have to rewrite and edit this "story" several times before it's finished. Today was my mother's 83rd birthday. For her birthday, I bought her three types of security items for her safety: a state-of-the-art paging system (she wears the red button and presses it when she's in trouble and I have the pager that goes off within 500 ft.), a little blue gizmo shaped like a mini computer mouse that she presses a button on and it lets out a 122 debicel beep that she can turn off herself and then I come "running" (as it were), a collapsible "stadium horn" that she can blow if there's a battery failure on the other two devices. I sent her a birthday card, gave her another card (with money inside) in a little red bag of small presents, and a third Valentine's Day card with her giant heart-shaped box of brand-name chocolates. I also wished her "Happy Birthday" several times and kissed her on the cheek and gave her a hug. I also cooked her a nice birthday dinner. And THIS (see below) was my reward:

The "celestials" are still very much  hard at play and I have no more tolerance for this sick shit. Yep, somebody we both know, and a schoolmate of hers no less (we'll call him "Mr. X"), made a false report to the police that he had talked to me on the phone and that I wouldn't let him talk to her or see her. Then a CLUELESS Pennsylvania state trooper, armed with nothing but lies, disinformation, a Harrisburg-empowered sense of superiority over others, an unfriendly pre-disposition toward me (based on a crank phone call from a sick old codger), showed up at our back kitchen door, ready to handcuff me if necessary, while I was pearing potatoes for our supper. That's The Pennsylvania State Police for you. Did the clueless trooper bother to knock or ring the doorbell? Hell, no. He just kept shining his diode flashlinght on the storm door until I ambled down the steps and invited him to come in, where he rolled up on me like I was an escaped convict. I never talked on the phone to this old, 83-year-old classmate of hers and he never talked to me. He left a message on her answering machine several days ago and she never returned it, not until after the cop left (WITHOUT me in tow) because I convinced her that it would really help everbody, especially me, if she let this "Mr. X" know that she was OK. When she asked him if he'd called the police he lied to her and said no but said he'd thought about it. More lies. Meanwhile, yours truly is on a  police report because of a reckless old liar who was supposed to be her friend. I've known him, myself, for 16 years and have alway been pleasant, if not friendly, to him. What a mistake that was.

So, "Mr. X", why  didn't you just stop by, and see for yourself that she was OK? That's right. She's OK but You're NOT. You haven't been to this house for YEARS and you haven't called my mother for YEARS and yet you dare to pose as a caring old friend, all of a sudden, at MY expense? Who in the hell do you think you are? You also told the police you had a birthday present for her but you didn't. That was another lie. A CRIMINAL lie. It is a crime to file a false police report. You didn't even send her a card and you only live nine miles away. You goddman little fucking prick. Because of your lying stupid ass and the ineptitude of The Pennsylvania State Police, my mother's 83rd birthday dinner was a nightmare for both of us. And, no, pulling a bullshit stunt like this isn't OK. You know goddamn well this kind of irresponsible, reckless tomfoolery is not OK. It's not OK at all.

My mother has another classmate who lives way down in Alabama (that's about 800 miles from here) and he sends her a birthday card every year, without fail, for twenty years or more that I know of. He often called her on her birthday but they don't talk on the phone much anymore and I think it's because she screens her calls through her answering machine or else they just fell out of that routine. But one thing that guy NEVER did was sic the goddamn Pennsylvania State Police on ME because she wasn't returning his calls or to make him look like a big-ass deal at my expense. But that's exactly what YOU did, Mr. "X", and you can bet your sweet, worthless redneck ass that that fucking shit will never happen to me again. Not from the likes of  YOU or any other dumb fuck who thinks he can betray ME, for no reason at all, and just walk away. Fuckers like you get ratted out every fucking time.

I convinced my mother that it would be in everybody's best interests if it were HER voice on her own answering machine, which is what you will hear from now on when you call her. That will, hopefully, put to rest the ABSURD notion that I'm keeping my mother prisoner here. Since 1995 I've been helping my mother to live her own life, in her own home, without fear or apprehension that she would have to turn her life over to someone else, just because she's getting older and physically challenged. Also, thanks to selfish, lying people who only care about themselves, you will hear her voice on her answering machine and that's not what she originally wanted. So, the next time you call her, why don't you leave a message instead of just hanging up like a faceless coward? Which is what most of you are. I gave up MY life to live hers so she HAD a life and this was my reward. No, it's not OK. 

One thing for sure. Nobody involved in this insidious fiasco gave a damn about what they were putting ME through. Is there a lawyer in the house? I'm not kidding.